Warren J. Bleiweiss, M.D.

Dr. Bleiweiss graduated from Boston University and New York University School of Medicine and he has been treating patients seeking relief from chronic and acute pain and injuries for over 30 years through minimally invasive yet very effective procedures. His expert diagnostic skills, advanced testing methods and solid clinical judgement consistently result in patient satisfaction with dramatic results.

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Ozone Disc Injections for the Treatment of Herniated Discs and Why it is the Best Treatment Option


Ozone disc injections can be considered the best treatment option for herniated discs because there is no risk of surgery, and no significand downtime. The herniated portion of the disc is injected with ozone to take the pressure off the nerves.

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Anti-Aging Treatments that Treat the "Upstream" Aspects of Aging


Upstream anti-aging treatments treat the source of aging to slow it down. After carefully reducing the zombie cells in our body, doctors can treat patients with Vsel treatments, NAD infusions, and anti-aging supplements such as pterostilbene and peptides.

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The Role of Senescent "Zombie" Cells in Regenerative Stem Cell Treatments


Senescent cells don't function like normal cells, don't die off or get replaced by new cells. These cells disrupt normal cellular function and can accelerate the aging process. Doctors can administer supplements that will rid the body of these cells.

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Regenerative Medicine Treatments for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss


Regenerative medicine treatments such as medical ozone injections, peptide injections and PRP have the ability to increase the number of hairs per follicle and strengthen the hair follicle to restore hair growth and help prevent further hair loss.

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